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Rental - Sales Siraj Tower

Rental - Sales Siraj Tower

It's not a usual website, It's complete portal for rental/sales/presales building. you can customize it for your customers to see virtual tour of your building / floors and even units. in this portal we provide you some accessories to manage your bussiness and sales or rent your units.

sirajtowerfor example :

with 3 clicks your visitor can see everything about unit ! 

1- check all floors and find floor with free unit or reserve units ! reserve units means some unit that reserved by another person for 24 hours to pay ! and your visitor can stand in reserve line if he/she is interested to get that.

2- Also you can check plan of floors and see which unit in sold and which unit is free or reserved.

3- After that you will see everything about units, and u can reserve or book that unit.

This project has also some extra systems for marketing , agents panel , accountant panel and contract room !

If you want to know more about this project ! you can call or massage us on whatsapp.



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