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With a quarter of a century of experience and having a young team, AKAF International Group has rapidly progressed and succeeded in implementing successful projects in the country.

Initially, AKAF was active in the field of web design and web-based software as well as mobile applications, which in less than two years managed to enter new areas and succeed in implemented projects, and during the past years, its activities in Areas of design and implementation of enterprise automation, ERP, web-based office portals, production management portals, integrated websites, BMS business management system, attendance systems, sales automation and… are 100% dedicated and also Has worked in various industries such as automotive, distribution, tour and tourism, building and materials, news agencies and other new areas of technology.

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Web Design

AKAF believes that every project is unique and pursues its goals. So there is no one formula for all projects. Our programming and design team is ready to design a suitable website that meets your unique needs, taking into account your tastes and goals. There are no restrictions, because we can turn any design and idea into a website.

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Mobile application design

Production of various mobile applications based on Android and IOS operating systems, as well as the production of various web applications with the world standard, is the specialty of AKAF. You may be interested to know that a web application is an application software that is designed for a set after reviewing and analyzing a set and specifying the exact roles, functions, operators and procedures for that set and can be provided on the internal network and the Internet.  If you want to provide services through the web, you can use the web application because the website emphasizes more on the content, but the web application has the ability to provide services .

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First Mockup

First, the Mockup of Your order is designed by our experts. Mockup  or preview files are ready-made graphic formats that can be used in the best way in different topics and with PSD format for designing. With the help of Mockup, designers can preview their original design before execution and printing in the original format, or use it as a beautiful graphic file in their design projects. According to reports, customers are more satisfied with their work when they see their work samples in this way.


UI / UX design

Does the UI designer think about where each element should be on the page? What should the forms look like? Where is the submit form button? How to show errors to the user? Where do we put the main options so that they can be easily seen? There is no one-size-fits-all process for creating UX projects. But whether your UX process is simple or full of different activities, the goal of every UX design process is the same; Produce a great product for users. So, use what is good for your project, get rid of the rest and complete your UX process as the product evolves.



The core of this software has been developed with Node.js and the most important point of this section is that it has been developed with GraphQL architecture. The database of this software is PostgreSQL. Android version and IOS version of this software is natively coded with GraphQL architecture and the passenger and driver version is separate. Management portal version and web version of the application (PWA) with React. js is developed with GraphQL architecture. After producing your website or mobile application in our collection, we will always be by your side, whenever needed, we are in charge of all the security affairs of your system so that we can maintain the smooth process of your business.


Reliable support

Services support the main stages of the life cycle for AKAF products and services and play an important role as a bridge between AKAF and customers. AKAF strives to provide the platform for a more complete use of software solutions and facilities to facilitate support.

In this direction, years of knowledge and experience in providing services to small and large businesses, helps AKAF to pursue the following goals by understanding the importance of providing support services in the daily operations of customers.




Launching a fully systematic software or application and even a website with a lot of details, certainly requires time and money to install and deploy. For this reason, we have taken the necessary measures to teach you how to use your software and run it from A to Z  in your organization. So, after designing your project, we will continue safely until the customer completely masters the training software.

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