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Quiz of Kings, SnapQ, Superior Intelligence are all a series of games that compete based on a competition based on four-choice questions or a variety of questions from users, and the system administrator determines prizes for users in this direction. Quiz Of Kings seems to be a copied version of the TRIVIA global game that has a competitive style. Akaf Company is the only Iranian company to design this style of entertainment applications in different versions by designing several similar applications ordered by customers. For this purpose, we invite you to view the portfolio of this team.

Steps of making a quiz game in the AKAF team

Analysis and wire-frame30%
Mockup design of mobile application graphic templates40%
Production of portal and application replicas80%
Implement cms, web service and mobile application90%
Final testing and correction95%
guarantee and support100%

Features of quiz AKAF game



New and non-repetitive questions

The algorithm used in the Quiz Akaf game is completely new and does not involve the user with repetitive and tedious questions.

Multilevel access system

Equipped with a professional system for setting accesses and determining the types of organizational roles to use the management portal! Through this system, you can create and edit the entire organizational chart and related accesses.

Free section

Play and have fun with your friends without any restrictions or the need to pay infinite coins.


Artificial intelligence

Say goodbye to the limitations of a rival player! A unique  racing game puts you in front of the smart opponent you want to play.

Internet consumption management

The racing game has an optimized design and the highest performance with minimal use of the Internet.


Purchase and manage live discount coupons

Live shopping system with banking portal with the ability to assign a discount coupon code that can be defined based on city and gender.

group game

Quiz AKAF game has a game section with friends in which users, in addition to being able to play randomly with strangers, can form a group with their friends or relatives and enjoy the game.



Group users into different types

Based on additional information received from users, you can get more custom rankings by provinces or cities or even gender.

Dedicated graphics and user interface

The user interface is one of the most important parts of the application, and the professional graphic designers of AKAF can produce a special design to your taste.


Constructive competition

The quiz can be defined by the administrator and you can view the quiz questions in text.

Incredible categories

Quiz AKAF game with 34 new and unique categories, eliminates the need for you to search for other games


Become a millionaire!

Each week, by answering only 12 years, you have the opportunity to participate in this section & receive an award.

Participate in completing the question bank

Design a question bank! Quiz AKAF game provides this golden opportunity for its users and offers exquisite awards for top designers.

Rewards and financial transparency

All prizes are added to the users’ virtual wallet at the end of each contest and all transactions remain in the list of financial reports! You will also have an automation system to reward you.

Instructional videos about the game Quiz AKAF

Request the price of making a quiz game

The price of Quiz game application design or an application similar to SnapQ or Quiz of Kings is an important issue for esteemed customers, but before the price in startups, the quality of application design and the type of technology used is very important . If you do not use a team without a sufficient resume, good work sample and good coding quality in the near future after the purchase you  will be abandoned by them and will not be supported, so we ask you to compare AKAF with others not only  in price,but also technology and support services as well.


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What technology do we use?

The technology of making applications in AKAF is equal to the technology used in Uber 2021 and ShopiFi 2021! All programming done in AKAF is implemented with Graph QL architecture and this is the reason why AKAF is different from the old technologies! The core is written natively with NodeJS and Android and IOS applications! Management portals are also written with REACTJS. Using the source control system on the dedicated servers of your company provides security for your coding and also using Jenkins in software development deprives all programmers of access to your database.

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