Mobile application design from idea to real product

Mobile app design and story go back to more than 14 years, when the first smartphones entered the job market in 2007. The first famous operating system in this field was Symbian, then Windows Phone entered the field, but we must accept that when Steve Jobs grew old and introduced Apple’s first smartphone ,The touch smartphones’ revolution began, and then Google grew with the introduction of the Android operating system.

Today, we have smartphone manufacturers around the world, but two popular operating systems. There is a market in the world, so AKAF Engineering Group produced a variety of applications in this field  from the beginning with the design of Android applications and IOS applications in Iran. Get to know the process of designing mobile applications in AKAF  and see our portfolio.

Always start with the wire frame

Designing a mobile application in AKAF always starts with a wire frame, which means preparing a simple blueprint of what you want to implement in the application. All pages are stretched and created so that we do not face any problem when designing the original replica or demo.

Replica or demo design

User interface design and graphic interface is one of the most distinctive process in the design of the mobile application design unit of AKAF. In this step, we create an attractive demo to present to the customer using various tools. Communicate for yourself, but the only thing that does not exist at this stage is storing information and having a database that will be created in the next step.

Creating the final version

At this stage of designing a mobile application, the technical team of AKAF back end includes database, necessary APIs and also user panel to launch a complete application, then the security team and experts of AKAF application analysis Check all structures, processes and data  in terms of technical and security so that there are no bugs in the system, then it is delivered to the customer affairs unit for final use.

Why leave the design of our mobile application to AKAF?

If you are also planning to choose an application design company, you must have this question in your mind, which is the best application design company in Iran? And how can I trust and tell my whole idea and business to an application design company?

Android Nevis website was the first site and company in Iran that specially announced that it is working on the production of mobile applications (this site belongs to AKAF company) and in 1391, by designing an educational mobile application to guide and drive into this market. put. At that time, the conditions for designing a website were much hotter, and few people were willing to remove site design from their company’s list of services and focus professionally on producing mobile applications.

But today the number of application design companies has increased a lot and it is never so easy to introduce a company better than other companies. Compare mobile app design companies with work experience – resume and number of related examples to make your comparison real. And do not be satisfied with what they physically put in front of you at all, and hand over the demo applications and test them yourself. Examine their history of cooperation with companies under their contract, for example, do they have a history of cooperation of more than 10 years with different companies? These are the things that make a company trustworthy!

But putting some forces in the name of the programmer in front of your eyes is not a difficult thing! You can buy certificates, statues and reports, but you can not buy more than 10 years of cooperation with customers.


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