Motor courier and delivery application design

Construction and design of motor courier and delivery application

AKAF Motor Courier and Delivery software is a complete and specialized software in the field of managing the receipt and sending of shipments and delivery. AKAF Motor courier software is specially designed for shipping service companies and businesses that send the packages themselves, such as online stores and restaurants and fast foods. With the expansion of businesses and online stores, the importance of having a specialized delivery software to send more shipments is felt. AKAF motor courier and delivery software has special features and every online store business can benefit from the services of this platform with its own name and brand.

Steps of making motor courier and delivery application in AKAF team

Analysis and wire-frame30%
Mockup design of mobile application graphic templates40%
Production of portal and application replicas80%
Implement cms, web service and mobile application90%
Final testing and correction95%
guarantee and support100%

Features of motor courier and delivery application



Manage links to Google Maps and Akaf Maps

Through the management portal, you can set the application and the portal on the desired map!


Multilevel access system

Equipped with a professional system for setting accesses and determining the types of organizational roles to use the management portal! Through this system, you can create and edit the entire organizational chart and related accesses.

Taxi software web application

Next to your Android and iOS app! Web application with the latest programming method (React js) will be available to your users! This way, users will not even need to install the application.

Representation system for different cities

This system has the ability to define new agencies with full authority for the area of ​​activity of that agency. And only to the list of drivers and trips and…. It has access to its place of activity.

Reports and support system

There are no restrictions for making all kinds of charts and report forms! And be sure to use our special and unrivaled support system.

special graphics and user interface

The user interface is one of the most important parts of the application, and the professional graphic designers of AKAF can produce a special design to your taste.


Manage how to calculate travel expenses

Through the management portal, you can edit how to calculate the taxi fare based on the city, region, kilometer, traffic and type of service. Also, determine the percentage of reduction or increase of fare for different hours of the day and night.

Marketing application

Registering and attracting drivers is done much easier and faster through the marketing application! You can use this app through a field system in three levels (marketer, supervisor, expert).

Location-based discounts

Equipped with a professional discount system as a percentage or fixed number in Rials. All discount codes can have an expiration date and are limited to the origin and specific destination.


currently, all applications and management portals are equipped with Persian, Arabic, Kurdish and recently English languages, and any other language can be implemented .

Instructional videos about AKAF motor courier and delivery application

Request the price of motor courier application design

The price of designing a motor courier or delivery application is an important issue for dear customers, but before the price in startups, the quality of the application design and the type of technology used is very important if you are from a group without a sufficient resume, suitable work sample and quality and not a good coding. In the near future, after purchase, they will be abandoned by them and you will not be supported. Therefore, we ask you to consider AKAF in comparison with others, except for the price of manufacturing technology and support services.

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What technology do we use?

The technology of making applications in AKAF is equal to the technology used in Uber 2021 and ShopiFi 2021! All programming done in AKAF is implemented with Graph QL architecture and this is the reason why AKAF is different from the old technologies! The core is written natively with NodeJS and Android and IOS applications! Management portals are also written with REACTJS. Using the source control system on the dedicated servers of your company provides security for your coding and also using Jenkins in software development deprives all programmers of access to your database.

Portfolio of motor courier and delivery application in AKAF team



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