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The first generation of AKAF company started its work in 1969 as a hardware-electronic company. The company was founded by Abolfath Fekri and his partner, and AKAF is formed by the initials of the names and surnames of the two founders. The first product of this company was Jian alarm with motion sensors. After the revolution, the subject matter of the company changed from hardware-electronics to computer software. One of the achievements of this new company is AKAF accounting software. In the 1970s, AKAF software was upgraded from C programming language to FoxPro, which was used by many factories and large companies at the time as the first all-Iranian accounting software and is even now being used in forestry projects in the north of the country.





Technologies Used


From 1385, the new generation of AKAF started its work by entering the web space and providing website design services, and also started mobile application design services in 1392, which is one of the most experienced mobile application design companies in Iran. . Akaf’s software cores are now implemented with NodeJS and based on the GraphQL architecture, using the powerful Oracle and MongoDB databases! Also, AKAF web applications that have been published in various fields use ReactJS, and also all mobile applications are written in Native, ie with Java and Swift.

Customer Orientation And Project Control


AKAF has been the manufacturer of major software in the 90s of Iranian startups and the producer of large and national applications such as taxi finder, online car wash, online laundry, bread delivery, requirements (similar to divar), quiz game and preview and online sales system And rented units of building towers.

Launching an all-Iranian map for startups and notification delivery servers has been one of AKAF’s tasks to support the businesses it covers. Application design companies have a reputation for their loyal customers. We are proud to announce that we have several customers over 10 years old, including Kish Investment Trading Company, the website of the representative of all leadership expert courses, Soleh esterabad International Factory and Dubai Siraj Tower that We did for a Qatari company called Al-Madar…

Also cooperation with the investment group of Iran Housing Bank, Kish Free Zone, Social Security Trading Company, Irancell, Medical System Organization of the country (. Dr. Zali), Ready Delicious Company (Elite), Emerson Company, International Building Development Company (Tisa Kish) and… In 2010, we produced sales software for mass producers, which due to the special and exclusive idea generation that we did in the production of this software, employers achieved significant success. Reputable mass-produced brands of the country used this software to present the customer and experienced comfortable selling.

Providing Services And Expanding International Experiences


The third generation of AKAF has so far succeeded in carrying out many projects in more than 21 provinces of the country, such as the website of the Italian company Reimer and the Nodalit application. Of course, AKAF’s activity is not limited to Iran and currently has an active branch in Istanbul, Toronto, Canada, which has created high coverage for other countries in the region due to the special geographical location of these two cities. AKAF has experience in numerous projects in the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Qatar, Oman, UAE and Afghanistan. One of them is the Emirati project of Qatar Al-Madar Company at www.sirajtowerdubai.com. Akaf’s first international project was a collaboration with Malaysia and Zaza Design Group at www.xaxadzine.com/works/my-parlor, which you can visit for more information on the project. And, of course, one of the most important international projects of AKAF, which was completed a few months ago, is the automation of the transportation system and shuttles of the Los Angeles airport, which cannot be mentioned on this page due to sanctions. Also, one of the biggest projects of AKAF is the project of holding IELTS tests and other tests of different languages, which was published in 2021.

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