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Quiztion, an application similar to HQ Trivia

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If you are tired of old games and repetitive questions…

If you are nervous while waiting for your opponent to play his turn…

Quiztion is a great game option for you if you want to both get a reward and increase public knowledge and integrate with your friends!

Quiztion, the biggest quiz game, was designed and implemented by AKAF in order to encourage the development of collective learning culture and social knowledge.

The algorithm used in Quiztion is completely new and does not contain repetitive and boring questions.

The team of this Quiztion has done their best to provide an attractive new graphical interface that users enjoy.

Literally online: Quiztion provide a true online gaming experience, which means you no longer have to wait like traditional games for your opponent to play their turn! Instead, you and your opponent enter the game at the same time and compete at that moment.

Standard Questions: To respect our dear user, we have used a special content production team to produce questions that are completely standard and in accordance with Iranian culture and you will enjoy answering these questions. We guarantee that you will receive valuable general and private information.

Endless game: Unlike traditional games on the market, there is no limit to the game in Quiztion, you can play and enjoy it for free day and night.

Quiztion is a content-driven gaming app where users are faced with a series of questions they need to answer based on their knowledge and speed of movement, where the best people on the exam are the ones with more information and higher speed of action. The Quiztion consists of three main parts, a free section designed to measure general knowledge and entertainment that users can use in their spare time or leisure time.

The mobile application Quiztion consists of 37 different categories and these categories are increasing. The second part, titled “Become a millionaire”, is a unique competition held for the first time in this way. Awards are given to participants according to rank

The third and final part, the Big-room competition part, is in turn very unique because a specific time is set for the contest and all users participate no matter how many people. They compete with each other and prizes are awarded to the winners and best members of these competitions.

The smartphone app Quiztion has a friends section where, in addition to the users being able to play randomly with strangers, they can form a group with their friends or relatives and enjoy the game, play and have fun with friends without the need to pay money. By answering only 12 questions each week, you have the opportunity to participate in this episode and win a million prizes.

There are several contests with great prizes each month. By downloading the game you can book your first contest for free and win by answering just 15 questions.

You do not have to worry about internet usage because Quiztion, the app for Android and IOS devices, is very low cost compared to other programs.

We have very specific plans for the future of Quiztion, as part of our focus is to attract new users and expand Quiztion in terms of new users, one of our most important plans in the near future is to prepare for the international launch of the app. First, we will enter Arab countries and produce Arabic content, and if we receive a positive response from that area, we will enter the English and other languages ​​market. Soon we will have big surprises for our Users.

Quiz game app design similar to HQ Trivia is one of the dozens of activities carried out by AKAF’s professional team. The AKAF company has implemented many successful projects so far and has accomplished many successful projects in the field of application design. The main activity of this company is designing mobile apps for Android, IOS and PWA versions.

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