Zoodtaxi, Taxi request application

Creating a taxi finder application to request a taxi online.

About zoodtaxi


Telephone taxis and online taxis are one of the most common taxi services in the world. But Afghanistan has fallen out of the development cycle due to war and violence, and now, over the past decade and a half, has become an opportunity for entrepreneurship and the development of urban services.

However, security vulnerabilities, lack of addresses for roads and alleys, or uncertain numbers for residential homes, as well as the inability to use Internet applications among the majority of citizens, are among the problems that cause the growth of these new service ideas.

With the absence of a standard transport in Afghanistan, this newly launched system can create a regular intercity transport.

The head of the online taxi service company “Zood” says that we have been working on this project since 2016, and it officially started its activity in the month of Hamal in 1397, and now most of the parts of Kabul city are covered by our system. Out of 200 taxis, it is currently active and more than 7,000 people use our application, and we plan to activate this system in other provinces of Afghanistan in the near future.

We started with two apps to get started; One for drivers and the other for customers. Drivers who use this application can work anywhere in Kabul at any time and for any length of time. Also, people who want to travel in the city can easily access taxis through this application.

Features of the application

Our technology


The core of our software is developed with Node.js and the most important point of this section is that it was developed with GraphQL architecture.

GraphQL is a query language for APIs and is considered as an architecture for APIs. GraphQL was first developed in the Facebook environment to address the internal flaws of mobile applications and has since been used specifically on social media. Finally, it was introduced to the developer community in 2015 as open source, and today it has become a new architecture for the API.

We use PostgreSQL database, which is one of the best in the world.

Android and IOS versions of this software are natively coded with GraphQL architecture and the passenger and driver versions are separate. The management portal version and the web application version (PWA) have been developed with React.js and with the GraphQL architecture.

System Integration

back end

front end

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