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The website of artist and painter Saeed Dafiei was designed and implemented by the AKAF team in 2016. This is a local international website to display his work.

Professor Saeed Dafiei, with more than twenty years of artistic experience in the field of design and painting, receiving equivalent doctoral and coaching degrees from the Technical and Professional Organization and an official teaching license from the Ministry of Culture and Guidance,  is a professor in the field of black pen painting.

Black pen in certain Persian culture refers to a type of painting in which only black pen, charcoal or pencil is made and has no coloring. Ms. Azadeh Haji Ali Akbari works in the field of design with black pen and those who are interested can contact her via telegram to register their order in standard dimensions and know the exact costs.

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The core of our software is developed with Node.js and the most important point of this section is that it was developed with GraphQL architecture.

GraphQL is a query language for APIs and is considered as an architecture for APIs. GraphQL was first developed in the Facebook environment to address the internal flaws of mobile applications and has since been used specifically on social media. Finally, it was introduced to the developer community in 2015 as open source, and today it has become a new architecture for the API.We use PostgreSQL database, which is one of the best in the world. Android and IOS versions of this software are natively coded with GraphQL architecture and the passenger and driver versions are separate. The management portal version and the web application version (PWA) have been developed with React.js and with the GraphQL architecture.

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