Shafadaneh Automation

One of the old factories of livestock and poultry feed.

About the Automation of Shafadaneh


Factory automation was  designed by AKAF Group in 1991. This automation integrated all the benefits of this factory from purchase, storage, sale and finance.

Shafadaneh Company started its activity by producing all kinds of food supplements and livestock and poultry premixes in 1984 under the management of Dr. Jamal Shafaei. This production plant is the first specialized poultry feed production plant in Golestan province.

Due to the unique response of poultry farmers to the products of the company, the second phase of the feed factory started operating in 1990, in which the latest and most modern technology of food production and processing has been used.


It should be noted that all the machines of the company’s feed production line have been purchased and commissioned from P.T.N in the Netherlands. Also, in order to increase the quality factor in 1990, the company purchased NIR devices from Bosche Company for its quality control laboratory which  is the first feed factory in the country to benefit from this technology in its quality control laboratory.

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The core of our software is developed using Node.js. The most significant aspect of this section is that it is implemented with the Nest JS framework and programmed in TypeScript.We use PostgreSQL or MongoDB databases, which are among the best in the world.

Admin panel of your project is developed in React.js and Website or PWA (Progressive Web App) of your project is developed in Next.js with Typescript. The Android version of the application is developed in Kotlin and also IOS version of the application is developed in Swift

All programmed components, both on the back-end and the front-end, have been implemented using the GraphQL architecture, which provides significant capabilities for data management and powerful reporting.





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