Quiztion is a game with the aim of promoting a culture of collective learning.

About Quiztion


Quiztion is the largest completely Iranian content-oriented game. Quiztion has been created with the aim of promoting the culture of collective learning as well as encouraging the general public throughout Iran to raise the level of their knowledge.

In this way, we have tried to provide the best user experience for them by considering a wide range of users’ tastes and offering attractive and diverse categories, as well as holding exciting and fair competitions. Quiztion raises questions with a variety of topics, each of which is specifically designed to help raise community awareness and raise community cultural awareness. Separately, each section with specialized content contributes to this goal.

The content of each section is designed individually by the expert team of the discussion to be a fun program for the audience and to satisfy users. The quizes seeks to challenge the notion that computer games are destructive to the brain by cultivating the mind. In general, considering the advantages and disadvantages of Quiztion, it can be said that this game is one of the best trivia. The only thing is that only those who are fluent in English can enjoy this application.

Application Features

Our Technology


The core of our software is developed using Node.js. The most significant aspect of this section is that it is implemented with the Nest JS framework and programmed in TypeScript.We use PostgreSQL or MongoDB databases, which are among the best in the world.

Admin panel of your project is developed in React.js and Website or PWA (Progressive Web App) of your project is developed in Next.js with Typescript. The Android version of the application is developed in Kotlin and also IOS version of the application is developed in Swift

All programmed components, both on the back-end and the front-end, have been implemented using the GraphQL architecture, which provides significant capabilities for data management and powerful reporting





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