Preway - Trivia game

Preway application, a unique competitor of  HQ Trivia with eye-catching graphics

About Preway


“Preway” entertainment application. In Preway, you can participate in various competitions and games and win prizes. The number of participants in Preway is unlimited and you only need one mobile phone to play.

Live quiz

Every night at eight o’clock, three three-choice questions are broadcast live; if you could answer all twelve questions correctly, you would be one of our winners! Do not despair, we came up with a good idea, you can use the power-ups and somehow win Shin. But the last question is not about these words, it means you can not use PowerPoints.

Daily Challenge

You can use this section indefinitely. Each challenge has ten questions and each question has ten points, but the wrong answer has no negative points. I was forgetting that there is something important called the coefficient, if you buy the coefficient, you can multiply your score, but if you answer all ten questions correctly, the correct answer will double your score for free.


We talked all about the points in the previous section. It is useful here. Our league has two weekly and annual forms. You can increase your levels and win incredible rewards.

Application features

Our Technology


The core of our software is developed using Node.js. The most significant aspect of this section is that it is implemented with the Nest JS framework and programmed in TypeScript.We use PostgreSQL or MongoDB databases, which are among the best in the world.

Admin panel of your project is developed in React.js and Website or PWA (Progressive Web App) of your project is developed in Next.js with Typescript. The Android version of the application is developed in Kotlin and also IOS version of the application is developed in Swift

All programmed components, both on the back-end and the front-end, have been implemented using the GraphQL architecture, which provides significant capabilities for data management and powerful reporting





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