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About Zoodnoon


Online Bread Delivery! Zoodnoon operates a production and distribution service through its mobile application

We are proud to announce that Zoodnoon is the latest application developed and designed by AKAF app development company. Zoodnoon brings you the convenience of ordering bread with a focus on numerous advantages for you.

With Zoodnoon, you will delight in experiencing high-quality bread ordering. Some of the prominent features and benefits of application include:

  • Bread Variety and Diversity: Zoodnoon offers an extensive collection of diverse bread options, providing you with a wide selection to choose from.
  • Swift Delivery Time: We value speed and accuracy in delivering your orders. You will experience the satisfaction of prompt delivery.
  • Secure Online Payments: Our platform ensures secure online payment transactions, guaranteeing the safety and reliability of your financial transactions.
  • Easy Order Tracking: You can effortlessly track the status of your order and stay in touch with the delivery personnel. This feature alleviates any stress or concerns regarding order status.

At our app development company, we focus on delivering exceptional user experiences and maintaining high-quality standards. We take pride in presenting Zoodnoon to you. We hope that by using Zoodnoon, you will have an unparalleled bread ordering experience.


Our Technology


The core of our software is developed using Node.js. The most significant aspect of this section is that it is implemented with the Nest JS framework and programmed in TypeScript.We use PostgreSQL or MongoDB databases, which are among the best in the world.

Admin panel of your project is developed in React.js and Website or PWA (Progressive Web App) of your project is developed in Next.js with Typescript. The Android version of the application is developed in Kotlin and also IOS version of the application is developed in Swift

All programmed components, both on the back-end and the front-end, have been implemented using the GraphQL architecture, which provides significant capabilities for data management and powerful reporting





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