Dopamine psychological app

The first gamification in psychology and sociology

About Dopamine


Dopamine was made in 2016 with the gamification style.gamefication means using a style and format of game for saying the ideas that are not in the game form and gamification is usually used where an idea might be boring,obscure.complicated  or repeated.

Currently gamification is used extensively in business advertisements and teachings in different levels.dopamine was the first psychological app in iran that sent the psychological issues to the experts in the form of a game.

Updated analyses in psychological area has been used in making this app and an acceptable output is made by combining it with IT.

App features

Our Technology


The core of our software is developed with Node.js and the most important point of this section is that it was developed with GraphQL architecture.

GraphQL is a query language for APIs and is considered as an architecture for APIs. GraphQL was first developed in the Facebook environment to address the internal flaws of mobile applications and has since been used specifically on social media. Finally, it was introduced to the developer community in 2015 as open source, and today it has become a new architecture for the API.

We use PostgreSQL database, which is one of the best in the world.

Android and IOS versions of this software are natively coded with GraphQL architecture and the passenger and driver versions are separate. The management portal version and the web application version (PWA) have been developed with React.js and with the GraphQL architecture.

front end

back end

System Integration

Some pages of the application

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Ruby on Rails
Angular JS


Google Maps


Google Auth

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