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Swash - CarWash Application

Swash - CarWash Application

Swash is a company for washing your car in your place ! they have high technology to wash your car without water and also u can book your order via android/IOS applications. even you can order it from tellephone number.

We use Artificial intelligence to orginize our orders better ! and also we use forecast weather to tell our customers which day is better for ordering ! and which day we have discount because of forecast weather. 

Our customers have different applications from out staff ! and it has 4 application in 2 platform Android/IOS. 

Some highlight features of customer Application :

  • Search on map to point a place
  • Add some places to favorite addresses.
  • ّIncrease money to her/his virtual wallet
  • Make quick order like her/his last order 
  • She/He can submit list of cars in her/his account.
  • Customers can user discount code in order.
  • Customers can add favorite addresses , list of cars in the middle of ordering !
  • They can monitor status of their orders.
  • they can tracking staff location when our staf donig their order. 
  • It has 2 seprate applications in Andriod and IOS

Some highlight features of staff Application :

  • Staff will share location with admin 
  • Staff can see list of orders to do 
  • Staff can announce the start of doing specific order
  • Staff can announce the end of doing specific order
  • Staff can announce that reach the order location
  • Staff can be online or offline in systems
  • They can see report of the day, and all orders that they've done.
  • It has 2 seprate applications in Andriod and IOS

Some highlight features Admin control panel :

  • Manage list of services with dynamic price and information
  • Manage list of work days and work hours 
  • User managers 
  • Staff managers
  • Operator managers
  • Manage list of car barands anad models
  • Dashbord 
  • Usefull reports
  • Increase or decrease users wallet
  • Manage discount codes via locations or days
  • Submit customer
  • Submit staff
  • Operators can submit orders via phone
  • Monitoring orders on map
  • Tracking staffs on map 
  • Add/Edit admin panel operators
  • Add/Edit Access levels

it's proud of us that we develope this application with high technologies , you can check our technology in the below :

  • Web Front-End development use ReactJS programming.
  • Back-End development use NodeJs with ExpressJS framework.
  • Android applications are use Native deveopment 
  • IOS applications are use Native deveopment
  • Database is Mysql  

If you are interested to talk with our experts , let's message us on whatsapp : Click here





23 Şubat 2020


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