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  • Swash Car Wash Application

Swash Car Wash Application

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Swash application was designed and applied by AKAF with its unique eye-catching graphics.

Traditional car wash methods are outdated and have been replaced by online car wash. Swash Car wash application was designed by AKAF so that you can get quality car wash service at the best price.

Caring for a car is always one of the biggest concerns of working people, and in most cases, staying in city traffic and standing in long car wash line cause a lot of inconvenience for these people, so a car wash app will make your life much more easier.

What is Swash?

Swash is the company that makes it possible to wash your car wherever you want! They have high technology to wash your car without water.

Now you can change the style of cleaning your car by requesting with the car wash app. Because this system benefits both you and nature (Unfortunately, at least 200 liters of water is used to wash the car in the traditional way).

Save water and protect the environment with online car wash using the Swash Car wash mobile app! Especially in recent years, according to expert advice and concerns about the water scarcity crisis, water saving has become a necessity and everyone should do their best to be partners in environmental protection.

What are the Features of Swash Car Wash Application?

We use Artificial Intelligence to better organize your orders! We also use the weather forecast to tell our customers which day is better to place an order! We inform our customers about our discounts due to weather conditions.

With our educated and distinguished staff, we are ready to serve you 24/7 professionally at home, at work and in the parking lot.

You can pay the best price of mobile car washing by ordering the Swash application via android / IOS applications and even with a phone number.

Swash Car Wash Application has Customer Application, Staff Application and Admin control panel.

Swash Customer application has important features such as the ability to check the status of your orders, searching on the map to show the location, increasing the balance of your virtual wallet and using the discount code in your orders and to save more than one car in your account. In addition, this mobile application has 2 separate versions for Android and IOS.

In the Swash Staff application, the staff can announce the start / end of a certain order, share the location with the manager, see the list of orders to be made, view the day's report and all the orders they have made, and can be either online or offline in the system.

You can manage the list of services with dynamic prices and information, Manage the list of working days and working hours, Manage the list of car brands and models and Download discount codes by locations or days in the Swash Admin control panel application.

Swash has many advantages such as being able to manage, to be able to follow staff on the map and increase or decrease the user's wallet.

As AKAF, we pride ourselves on developing the Swash mobile application with high technologies. We designed Front-End development using React JS programming, Back-End development using NodeJs with ExpressJS framework, Android applications using Native development and IOS applications using Native development.

If you have not yet installed the Swash mobile application car wash online request service on your smartphone, you can download 2 separate versions, for Android and IOS devices from the Appstore and Google play. In the next step, whenever you need a service after making the first registration, just log in and easily save it.


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